Zakynthos island is famous for its wild nightlife, particularly in the region of Laganas. Many all-night bars and clubs are located in Laganas, a British-frequented resort on the southern side of the island, and things often get extreme. Things in the rest of the island are more lounge, with nice bars in Zakynthos Town and also in Tsilivi, Alykes, Argassi, and other tourist places. These lounge bars usually stay open until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.

For a more peaceful night out, you can try a long dinner in the many restaurants all around the island. In Zakynthos, you can find from ethnic restaurants to traditional taverns by the sea and in the mountainous villages.

Mykonos and Ios may enjoy a reputation for their solid partying scene, but Zakynthos (also known as Zante) is not far behind.

The pretty Ionian island is home to a collection of fantastic nightclubs, where thousands of people flock to every year to party till the sun comes up. Here are the best nightclubs in Zakynthos.

Dining,drinking and Entertainment Bars, Cafes and Nightlife, Restaurants, Stage and Screen. All who need to keep you entertained until the early morning hours.

Popular bars, pubs, discos, and Clubs offering live music and local dances, can be found at city of Alykes, Argasi, Zakynthos, Kalamaki and Laganas.

Drinks cost about 5.00 Euro Beer and wine about 1.00 Euro.